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A multi‑module management system designed by Flexi Software.
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FlexiSmartClient Suite is a powerful set of Web-based accounting components designed to simplify and streamline accounting processes. Flexible deployment options make it easy to run FlexiSmartClient components from virtually anywhere.

FlexiSmartClient components are easily tailored to meet the unique requirements of any user, office, or business. Additionally, they were designed as a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) so they can easily adapt to a Business Process Management (BPM) environment or run completely independent - you decide.

Based on industry-standard technologies such as Microsoft’s .NET, Smart Client, Web Services, and XML, FlexiSmartClient Suite brings a rich intuitive interface to browser-based solutions — along with speed, intelligence, performance, and security. FlexiSmartClient Suite is seamlessly integrated with FlexiFinancials, ensuring all security and controls established by the corporate accounting office are adhered to.

Popular Functionality Modules

FlexiNetExchange FlexiSmart Voucher provides the ability to create and process accounts payable invoices, and credit and debit memos. Wizards make it easy for users to create a new invoice…

FlexiSmart Portal FlexiSmart Portal is a configurable role-based framework that provides the ability to organize and launch your applications from any Internet browser. It is used to provide a…

FlexiSmart Reporting FlexiSmart Reporting is one of the business processes available in the FlexiSmartClient Suite. Crystal Reports is integrated into FlexiSmart Reporting to provide the…

FlexiSmart Vendor FlexiSmart Vendor provides the ability to manage vendor information. From simply changing addresses or contact information to putting a vendor on payment hold, FlexiSmart…

FlexiSmart Journal FlexiSmart Journal provides users the ability to create journal entries. Wizards make it easy for users to create a new journal based on a template as well as continue…

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