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FlexiAssets is the Fixed Assets module available within the FlexiFinancials suite. It works seamlessly with FlexiLedger, FlexiPayables, FlexiPurchasing, and FlexiProjects.

FlexiAssets automates complex tasks such as calculating depreciations, and fully supports unlimited sets of books such as GAAP, state tax, and federal tax. Users can quickly and easily track detailed information about assets, including where they are located, acquisition date, in-service date, and asset lives. Easily attach supporting documentation such as contracts, receipts, cost, or any other digital information.

FlexiAssets allows you to transfer assets from different locations, departments, or companies. You can create lease amortization schedules and attach it to the leased asset. User-defined fields track additional information for each asset type, such as a VIN number on vehicles or a serial number on computer equipment.

When you purchase a new asset, information is captured in FlexiPurchasing or FlexiPayables and is automatically set up as an asset in the FlexiAssets module so you can be confident that all Fixed Assets are accounted for. The FlexiProjects module allows you to convert completed projects to assets in FlexiAssets.

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"FlexiAssets" is part of the FlexiFinancials line of products, developed by Flexi Software.

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