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A full suite of enterprise accounting software solutions by Flexi Software
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FlexiFinancials, developed by Flexi Software, is a full suite of accounting solutions for companies in several industries including Banking, Insurance, and Financial Services. The FlexiFinancials suite consists of a cohesive set of financial accounting modules that can operate independently or seamlessly integrate with third-party applications.

The FlexiFinancials suite is easily scalable to meet the unique requirements of global enterprise organizations requiring multi-currency and multi-company capabilities.

Flexible and powerful business rules-driven modules allow companies to easily configure FlexiFinancials to meet their business requirements — nothing is hard-coded. Automated batch processing or real-time processing options put companies in control of how they want to process their data. Easily attach spreadsheets, documents, or notes to any transaction for supporting details.

The FlexiFinancials suite has several security controls and auditing capabilities to help companies deal with the increasing amount of regulation and compliance burdens in today’s business world.

The FlexiFinancials suite consists of the following financial accounting modules:

  • FlexiLedger
  • FlexiPayables
  • FlexiPurchasing
  • FlexiAssets
  • FlexiProjects
  • FlexiReceivables
  • FlexiControl

Popular Functionality Modules

FlexiPayables FlexiPayables is the accounts payable module available within the FlexiFinancials suite. It works with FlexiLedger, FlexiAssets, FlexiReceivables, FlexiPurchasing, and…

FlexiLedger FlexiLedger is the core repository of financial transactions that are used to provide powerful analysis and financial reporting. FlexiLedger provides the flexibility,…

FlexiReceivables FlexiReceivables provides the ability for companies to easily manage and track their receivables including invoices, cash receipts, credit, and collections. Flexible cash…

FlexiAssets FlexiAssets is the Fixed Assets module available within the FlexiFinancials suite. It works seamlessly with FlexiLedger, FlexiPayables, FlexiPurchasing, and FlexiProjects.…

FlexiPurchasing FlexiPurchasing is the Purchase Order module available within the FlexiFinancials suite. It allows you to easily track and streamline the purchasing process from requisition…

Complete Functionality Module List

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