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Budget Information System

A budgeting application designed by Fletcher & Fletcher.
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The Budget Information system is a completely customizable. The program is suited to your account and payroll benefits structure. This product will be setup to interface with any finance and payroll/personnel system your organization is currently using. This product provides salary and benefit forecast projections.


The Budget Information System allows you to enter goals, objectives and performance measures; these in turn are used to set budgets and give you an end result to aim for. The enhanced budget services provide for separate budgeting of new programs or positions to be budgeted and reviewed as individual decision packages. Current year revenues can be easily extrapolated to estimate what end of year revenues will be; or rolled over to project budget year revenues. The Budget Information System is your complete solution to all of your budgeting needs.


The Budget Information System gives you many features in the area of reporting. IT will deliver multiple layers of reporting by fund, department, cost center, and projects. All reports can be displayed at roll-up, summary and detail levels. The Budget Information System is a GFOA award winning, typeset quality document.

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