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Features Include

  • Credit check by customer A/R balance and aging over amount of days.
  • Automatic pricing by price quantity breaks for products and customer and product; and manual pricing for override of automatic prices. Each product is assigned a list price, which is used in lieu of any other pricing method. Each product may also be assigned to a special price class.
  • Price override report.
  • Price fields accommodate five decimal places.
  • Quotes are easily converted to orders.
  • Quote analysis report showing percent of quotes converted to orders.
  • Unique order and invoice numbers assigned by the system.
  • Order cancellations are tracked by the system by reason code.
  • Customer/item sales history displayed during order entry showing date last sold, quantity shipped, selling price, unit of measure, vendor and purchase price.
  • Certificate of compliance forms with printed order. (optional product)
  • Stock status is automatically checked as each line on the order is entered.
  • Alpha search on the part number or item description during order entry.
  • Product substitution inquiry during order entry.
  • Auto faxing of Quotes or Order confirmation.
  • Minimum gross profit alert.
  • Drop ship sales orders tied to purchasing.
  • Customer service module with up to the minute information on any customer.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Order Processing:

"Order Processing" is part of the Five M line of products, developed by Five M Software.