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Serialized Parts, Lot number, Revision Levels, Expiration Dates

If you sell expensive products, if you produce product in batches, if your products are perishable or the government requires tracking of the product you sell, then you need more detailed part tracking than QuickBooks currently provides. Fishbowl Inventory provides true serial number tracking where the part number does not change with each serial number and the history of the unique serialized part is tracked from the moment it enters the system to the moment it leaves. The same is true for lot numbers where a quantity of a given part needs to be tracked as a group. Revision levels for new model parts and Expiration dates for those parts that have a shelf life. And if that isn’t sufficient Fishbowl Inventory also includes unlimited custom fields for each part or product you stock.

Bill of Materials / Kitting

The Fishbowl Inventory BOM module is defined in the Parts module and has no limit on the number of parts, sub-assemblies, or types of parts included. Simply define the BOM within the Parts module, with the correct quantities, and you’re ready to begin manufacturing. If you wish to manufacture immediately then select the Manufacture button and the required parts are immediately pulled from inventory and the finished part is complete.

Unit Of Measure Conversions

Create your own Unit of Measure conversions and equations with the built-in Unit of Measure Wizard. There is no limit on the number of conversions you can have. Buy by the pallet, box, case, each, etc. Store in a different unit of measure. Sell by still another unit of measure and have Fishbowl store specific prices for each unit of measure so that you don’t have to remember what to charge your customer if they buy by the pallet instead of by the box. Fishbowl will makes unit of measure conversions easy.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Part Definition and Details:

"Part Definition and Details" is part of the Fishbowl Inventory line of products, developed by Fishbowl Inventory.