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Sales Order/Quotes

Fishbowl’s Inventory’s Sales Order modules allows the user to enter customers, products or QuickLists all from easily accessed drop-down lists. Double click on any line item and you can quickly see what is in stock and what is back-ordered. Any pricing discounts for specific customer/product combinations are remembered and automatically entered as the parts are entered onto the Sales Order. Add notes to the Sales Order as a whole or to each line item individually. And if you need a quote simply save it as a quote and then when the customer agrees to the price simply issue it as an official Sales Order and you’re on your way.

Part Status

Fishbowl Inventory tracks the location and status of every item you have in stock, whether it’s in a single location or in multiple locations. This information is available at the click of a button in multiple modules throughout Fishbowl Inventory.

Today View

When starting your day you shouldn’t have to search through every module to find out what’s waiting to be done within the company. To address this problem Fishbowl’s Today View brings all your in process functions onto one screen. At a glance, you’ll see outstanding Sales Orders, Purchase Orders waiting to be received, Inventory needing to be picked, and Material ready to be shipped. Each item in the Today View is linked to its respective module so you can navigate right to the task with one click. No more time wasted in figuring out where to start the day.


If you sell configurable products that change from one customer to the next then chances are you understand the difficulty in selling, producing and properly tracking these type of products. This is what the Configurator was designed for. For example, let’s say you sell a computer called System1A. But the customer wants a bigger hard drive and more RAM. With Fishbowl’s Configurator you can define a configurable Bill of Materials so that when the customer places the order, the salesman can select the desired options from lists directly within the Sales Order. Any additional charges for premium features are automatically added to the price for the product and added to the Sales Order. Upon issuing the Sales Order, a Work Order for that configured product is automatically created. Just pick, pack and ship the finished item and you’re done.

Quick Lists

Do you have regular customers that buy the same list of items every time they order from you? Fishbowl’s QuickLists feature allows you to give that list a name so that the next time that customer purchases you won’t have to re-populate the Sales Order from scratch. You can then edit the Sales Order anyway you like.

Variable Pricing

Fishbowl Inventory has an extensive pricing module that allows the user to define as many pricing schemas as needed (by customer or customer group) and to have the pricing automatically applied as the Sales Order is created. Define them by a percentage discount or a dollar amount. Simply go to the pricing module, and select new. The Pricing Wizard will walk you through the easy process.

Manage Purchasing and Vendor Relationships

Fishbowl Inventory automatically saves and organizes critical part and Vendor information, and displays it in an easy to use, helpful fashion. What vendors have you purchased from in the past? Who gave you the best deal or turn-around time? Fishbowl Inventory makes purchasing a snap. And when you hit the reorder point on a particular item then Fishbowl will issue the Purchase Order to the correct vendor.

Sales Order to Purchase Order Conversion

Convert any Sales Order to a Purchase Order at the touch of a button. If the item(s) have been purchased before then Fishbowl will remember the previous price and will automatically enter that price into the Purchase Order as the default.

Multiple Ship-to Addresses

In the real world, you sell to companies that may have multiple ship-to addresses. Fishbowl Inventory allows you to use multiple ship-to addresses for your customers, and for vendors that drop ship, you can enter multiple ship to addresses for where the product is to be sent.

Point of Sale

Do you sell directly to the public through your own walk-in store? With the Fishbowl Inventory Point Of Sale you not only have full-scale inventory control but you also have the ability to use a wedge style bar code scanner (like what you see at any retail store) to wand-in all your bar-coded products and create a Sales Order on the fly without having to enter anything in by hand. Simply wand all the products in and Fishbowl Inventory calculates the total, reduces your inventory control, and creates a receipt.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Order Management: Sales and Purchasing:

"Order Management: Sales and Purchasing" is part of the Fishbowl Inventory line of products, developed by Fishbowl Inventory.