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Location Groups/Classes

Using Fishbowl’s Location Groups function you will be able to track inventory across multiple warehouses, retail outlets, and delivery trucks or anyplace you store your inventory. Inventory valuation, sales, parts and quantities can then be reported on based on the location group they belong to. These location groups then correspond to the various classes within QuickBooks that you define.

Multiple Location Part Tracking

Fishbowl Inventory provides true multi-location part tracking across multiple locations both within a given warehouse and at multiple warehouses. A location can be set up as a store, a division, or even sections of a warehouse. It is easily defined to best fit your business needs. Simply click on the part number in question and everywhere that part is located, anywhere in the system, at multiple locations within a warehouse, or across multiple warehouses, it is immediately displayed on your screen.

Inventory Locations

If your warehouse is divided into aisles, rows and shelves Fishbowl can automatically generate a matrix of locations for you without having to define each location individually. Simply create a new location. Specify the desired number of aisles, rows and shelves and Fishbowl will create all the desired storage locations. Then simply move the desired inventory into the locations and Fishbowl will track where your inventory is stored.

Auto ROP/Auto PO

How much inventory should you carry? Using the sales/usage history of any given part in inventory, Fishbowl’s Auto ROP (Reorder Point) function will calculate the proper reorder point and order-up-to levels for any of your products. Once an item reaches the reorder point Fishbowl Inventory automatically creates a PO for that item, to the preferred vendor, in the proper quantity and at the correct price. You can then issue the PO to the vendor or alter it first and then issue it. Any price changes by the vendor are tracked in the Fishbowl database.

Part Status

Fishbowl Inventory tracks the location and status of every item you have in stock, whether it’s in a single location or in multiple locations. This information is available at the click of a button in multiple modules throughout Fishbowl Inventory.

Part Monitor

Every company has parts that move more than others. Why not have an interactive reporting of what those parts are and when you’ll need more? With the Monitor you’ll see whether your biggest movers are approaching critical levels or whether operations can continue to run without incident. In addition, you’ll see how many of one part has been allocated to the different points in the consumption process. No more inventory shortages on your most consumed parts. Fishbowl Inventory’s part Monitor makes it easy to see when it’s time to re-order to keep sales moving.

Cycle Counting

Cycle Counting is a technique that allows the user to count inventory at a limited number of locations within your warehouse and have that information entered in real time with minimal disruption to your regular flow of business. Simply pick a part to check, count the quantity, enter it into Fishbowl Inventory, and the inventory is immediately updated to the correct amount.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Multi-Location Part Tracking:

"Multi-Location Part Tracking" is part of the Fishbowl Inventory line of products, developed by Fishbowl Inventory.