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Fishbowl Inventory

A inventory application designed by Fishbowl Inventory for startups and small organizations.
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As companies grow they find that the QuickBooks Inventory control capabilities are no longer sufficient for their inventory control needs. They expand beyond multiple locations, the number of products they stock increases, they move into manufacturing, they need wireless bar coding, etc. This is what Fishbowl Inventory provides.

Essentially, when a company integrates their package of QuickBooks (Pro, Premier or Enterprise) with Fishbowl Inventory, Fishbowl will take over all the inventory control functions from QuickBooks. The QuickBooks inventory functions are turned off and parts are no longer tracked in QuickBooks.

Functionality Modules

Multi-Location Part Tracking Location Groups/Classes Using Fishbowl’s Location Groups function you will be able to track inventory across multiple warehouses, retail outlets, and delivery trucks or…

Part Definition and Details Serialized Parts, Lot number, Revision Levels, Expiration Dates If you sell expensive products, if you produce product in batches, if your products are perishable or the…

Order Management: Sales and Purchasing Sales Order/Quotes Fishbowl’s Inventory’s Sales Order modules allows the user to enter customers, products or QuickLists all from easily accessed drop-down lists.…

Order Management: Pick, Pack and Ship Pick Lists: Specify Locations / Serial numbers / Lot numbers, etc Does your Sales Order double as your Pick List? Do you lose time and money trying to find where specific…

Reviews of Fishbowl Inventory

from Brandow Consulting says…

Fishbowl is a feature rich distribution and manufacturing add-on to QuickBooks. It’s an inexpensive robust solution for mid-sized companies.

The good: I’ve been consulting Fishbowl users since 2006. The software has come a long way since then. In more recent years, I’ve seen an increased number of manufacturing companies benefit from Fishbowl Inventory. Fishbowl tracks costs well and forces the user to keep inventory accurate. It has a limitless reporting tool if you have the budget for custom reports. The biggest benefits my mid-sized (10-20 users/ 50-200 employees) clients realize are in the areas of job and production costing, improved inventory accuracy and visibility. The biggest benefits my small clients (3-10 users/ 5 - 20 employees) realize are the new uses of logical standard processes and automatic professional documents where there were none previously.

The bad: 1. Surprisingly, even though they are the #1 selling inventory tracking system for QuickBooks, many of my clients still experience connection issues with QuickBooks. The connection will error out and need to be reset. 2. The reporting tool is not for everybody. Even though it has limitless capabilities through customization, most users of QuickBooks reports find the move to some Fishbowl reports not so user friendly. 3. Their customer support and training can be disappointing.