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FiscalTime is a utility to import new employees and export your employees hours to your payroll officer for FiscalPay via Local Area Network, E-mail, or Web Server.

Ease of Use

  • Windows based Graphical User Interface (GUI) provides unparalleled ease of use for a municipal software application
  • Allows for the transfer of employee hour records to be made in an electronic form, reducing the chance and likelihood of errors
  • With only a few options to define, FiscalTime™ is ready to use in minutes!!
  • Exported files are imported into FiscalPay™ ready for rapid calculate of payroll


  • Built into the program. No need for Outlook or any other email programs, just a valid email account
  • Totally independent program that sends its files to the payroll clerk for importing into FiscalPay™


  • Set the “Pay Period “ date and the payroll “Check Date” each time you export
  • Multiple ways to input employee hours in a grid area common to all Fiscalsoft programs
  • Retains each payroll file on your hard drive in an archive formatted compressed file
  • No need to re-import each pay period, if there is no change with the employees; simply click the “Clear Hours” button, set the “Pay Period”, “Check Date” and start fresh


  • Total Hours Listing report for use to verify employee hours
  • Total Hours Summary report
  • Daily Hours Listing report
  • Daily Hours Summary report
  • Employee Time Sheet reports
  • Attach reports to payroll clerk email with one button click

Exporting out of FiscalPay™

  • Begin a new payroll for the Remote Department (Do not calculate at this time)
  • Click Export and Save files to disk (Local or a Network drive)
  • Attach files to an E-mail and send to the remote department for import to FiscalTime™
  • Export files to a Web Server, use your own or use Fiscalsoft’s Web Server

Importing into FiscalTime™

  • Import Employee payroll files directly from your payroll clerk via email
  • Import Employee payroll files directly from a Web Server
  • Import Employee payroll files directly from your payroll clerk via floppy diskette or any hard drive attached to your computer or computer network
  • FiscalTime™ allows importing of up to 9,999 employee records from the payroll clerks FiscalPay™ employee files

Exporting out of FiscalTime™

  • You may save the file to any hard drive attached to your computer, be it a local or a network drive
  • You may export the files to a Web Sever from the Export to Web Server window
  • You may email the files to your clerk via FiscalTime™’s built in email client

Importing into FiscalPay™

  • Save files from Remote Department E-mail
  • Import payroll files to the Payroll Entry Page
  • Import payroll files from a Web Server

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with FiscalTime:

"FiscalTime" is part of the Fiscalsoft Suite line of products, developed by Fiscalsoft Corportaion.