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FiscalTax is our Local Government Tax Management Software. The software is designed to maximize collections by providing real-time taxpayer information at the touch of a button, with a built in tax forms designer and a mail merge ready word processor all in one package.

Ease of use

  • Unparalleled ease of use for a municipal software application. Design allows opening of all child windows in the program
  • Define up to four (4) taxpayer mailing addresses and store the desired mailing address to use for tax forms and taxpayer notices
  • Assign each tax by simply clicking the desired checkbox in the Taxpayer window
  • Quickly search for taxpayers by Account #, Code, Name or Federal Tax ID with our incremental search capability. The search box immediately responds as you type in the search criteria


  • With one mouse click FiscalTax™ easily integrates with FiscalBooks™ for instant posting of tax receipts. Post by tax code grand totals or post one cash receipt record for each taxpayer tax payment
  • Automatically calculates taxes, exemptions, credits, penalties, interest and taxpayer balances
  • Define up to nine (9) taxes; payroll, net profits, property, special district, or fixed fees
  • Define up to nine (9) Taxpayer Exemptions
  • Define up to nine (9) Taxpayer Credits
  • Retains unlimited tax filing and payment histories

Tax Forms Publishing

  • Create and publish an unlimited number of your own tax forms or business license forms with the Tax Form Wizard. Create forms to print taxpayer data on pre-printed tax forms, or create complete forms to print on plain pre-perforated paper
  • Use the Tax Form Wizard to create 1,2, or3 part tax forms, or create 4 part tax forms(legal size paper). Add graphics or background photos, its a snap when starting with our built in 24 tax form and license form templates
  • Print any tax form to any range of taxpayers on demand. Print Monthly, Quarterly or Annual tax forms. Calculates new interest and balance due as of specified date when form is printed. Mail tax forms in A10 envelopes, use bar-coded mailing labels (Zip+4), or plain envelopes for delivery

Taxpayer Notices

  • Setup and maintain an unlimited number of Rich Text Document (.RTF) Taxpayer Notices utilizing the built-in full-featured word processor. Insert mail-merge fields into documents to automatically print any data field or calculated field from the taxpayer, tax, or municipal information tables when the taxpayer notice is printed
  • Print any notice to any range of taxpayers on demand. Select taxpayer ranges sorted by Account, Name, Federal ID No., City/State, Zip Code, Business Type code or Location code. Select the tax condition to print the notice for:
    • No Tax Condition
    • Delinquent Taxpayers
    • Late Tax Forms
    • Over/Short Tax Payments.
    • Preview all taxpayer notices prior to print. Mail taxpayer notices in A10 envelopes, or use bar-coded mailing labels (Zip+4) for delivery.
    • Several built in taxpayer notices for your use or modification.
    • With a built in tax forms designer and word processor the power and flexibility of FiscalTax™ is unmatched by any competitor!
    • Multi-user capability and Client/Server version available

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with FiscalTax:

"FiscalTax" is part of the Fiscalsoft Suite line of products, developed by Fiscalsoft Corportaion.