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FiscalLedger is a versatile billing and accounts receivables system. Setup and maintain accounts for an unlimited number of billable services. Solid waste, recycling and any other such special services. ACH Debits (Customer Payments) via FiscalExpress.

Ease of use

Designed with the people that use the software. Simple yet extremely powerful. Full of all the necessary tools needed for a billing and collections system, including route setup and route sheets for drivers.


Automatically calculates past due amounts including late fees and interest if applicable. Define an unlimited number of billable services. Past due amounts stay with customer, not location. Get histories for one customer or any range of customers, along with location and service type histories. Retains unlimited billing and payment histories.


FiscalLedger™ prints the bills, route sheets for drivers and customer notices. Over payments can be credited or refunded. Prints registers for both billing and payments. Balances for one customer or all. Prints a general ledger of all transactions. Easily integrates with FiscalBooks™ for instant posting of receipts. Post by grand totals or post one cash receipt record for each customer payment.

Customer Notices

Setup and maintain an unlimited number of customer notices utilizing the built-in full-featured word processor. Complete with mail merge fields to automatically print any field from all tables in FiscalLedger™. (Customer, Municiple, Location or Service type tables)

Print any notice for any range of customers on demand. Select customer ranges sorted by customer number, last name or zip codes. Select the condition to print the notices for:

  • No Payment Condition
  • Delinquent Customers
  • Late Customers
  • Over / Short Payments
  • Preview all notices before printing

Setup and maintain unlimited number of mail-merge documents.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with FiscalLedger:

"FiscalLedger" is part of the Fiscalsoft Suite line of products, developed by Fiscalsoft Corportaion.