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FiscalExpress automatically creates and uploads FY Budget, Financial Statements, ACH Credits (Direct Deposit), ACH Debits (Customer Payments), Wage & Tax Statement (w2) files, New Hires, State Unemployment Insurance and the KRS START file all in one package.

Ease of use

  • Windows based Graphical User Interface (GUI) provides unparalleled ease of use for a municipal software application. Multiple Document Interface (MDI) design allows opening of all child windows in the program Prepare electronic files simply by clicking a button. Specify the file type, time period and click the Prepare button, that’s all there is to it
  • Prepare quarterly Financial Statements and Fiscal Year Budgets files for transmission to Kentucky GOLD/APA
  • Prepare annual Wage and Tax Statements (W2) files (MMREF-1) for transmission to Social Security Administration
  • Prepare local or remote backup file sets for FiscalBooks™and/or FiscalPay™. Automatically copy this backup file set to any local device on your network, or any remote web site or ftp site on the Internet
  • Quicken-style Incremental date combo boxes provide rapid selection of the desired date range for any period


  • Define and save your file paths to FiscalExpress™, FiscalBooks™, FiscalPay™ or FiscalHR™. Specify default printer, output device, report font and preview page size for reports
  • Indicate which files or records to prepare
  • Specify server names for remote transmission of Financial Statements, FY Budgets, Wage and Tax Statements, or local/remote backup file sets for FiscalBooks™, FiscalPay™ or FiscalHR™
  • Specify transmission protocols for all files
  • Store user name and password for FTP
  • Retains unlimited tax filing and payment histories
  • Reads files from FiscalBooks to eliminate double entry accounting of tax receipts
  • Multi-user capability (up to 5 concurrent users)

E-Filing Features

  • Fiscal Year Budget e-files to Department for Local Government (DLG)
  • Quarterly Financial Statement e-files to Department for Local Government (DLG)
  • Wage & Tax Statements e-file (W2/W3) to Social Security Administration
  • Wage & Tax Statements e-file to State (KRC) including state records
  • Retirement START file to Kentucky Retirement System
  • ICESA UI Wage e-file to State Unemployment Insurance Agency
  • New Hire Listing e-file to your state’s New Hire Agency
  • Remote backup zip-file set for FiscalBooks. Copy to a diskette or any other local disk drive on your system, upload to an Internet web site using FTP or HTTP protocols, or send to an e-mail address via SMTP (mail) servers
  • ACH Direct Deposit e-file to your payroll account financial institution
  • 1099 Payments e-file to Internal Revenue Service (coming v4.5)

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with FiscalExpress:

"FiscalExpress" is part of the Fiscalsoft Suite line of products, developed by Fiscalsoft Corportaion.