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FiscalBooks is a fund based municipal accounting system. Integrated accounts, budget, cash receipts, vendor claims, G/L, all in one package.

  • Unparalleled ease of use for a municipal software application. Allows opening of all child windows in the program.
  • Build your Chart of Accounts from Fund, Major and Minor Object codes defined by your state. Utilize extended account “modifier” codes to create sub accounts to track grants and special projects activity.
  • Print Vendor Claims forms, or Vendor Claims checks “on the fly” or query records for batch printing at one time.
  • Automatically keeps 5-year histories of budget and actual revenues and appropriations.

General Journal

  • The General Journal window allows you to see every debit and credit in your system! All transactions are grouped by a unique batch number.
  • You can also perform data entry directly from this window, without using any of the pre-built data entry windows (e.g. Vendor Claims, Cash receipts, Budget Amendments, etc).
  • Search for transactions in any batch by clicking the Search button. Print a General Journal of individual batches, or for a specified date range, by clicking the Journal button.


  • Setup and maintain as many vendors as you need. Designate which vendors get a 1099, and which get included in the claims totals reports.
  • Group common vendors together by specifying a common Totals Name. Print vendor claims totals reports by either unique Vendor Code or Totals Name.
  • Print Account Ledgers, Vendor Listings, Mailing Labels and Envelopes, all from within the same window.
  • Enter a default appropriation account in this window and FiscalBooks enters the account for you in Claims.


  • Amend your current FY budget easily and accurately using the built-in Budget Amendments window.
  • Amendments are entered just like other G/L transactions. The amended debits must equal amended credits.
  • Track your amendments by entering unique Amendment and Ordinance numbers.
  • Print an amendment journal by clicking a button on the window!
  • Print an Amendment Ordinance for state approval and publication by clicking the Form button!

Easy Transfers

  • Budget Transfers are also easily and accurately entered via this Activities menu item window.
  • Track your budget transfers with a unique Transfer No.
  • Enter as many transfers as you want in a single batch!
  • Budget Transfers in FiscalBooks are just the opposite of actual transactions: Debits decrease account budget balances and Credits increase available budget.
  • Print a Journal of budget transfers by clicking the Journal button.
  • Likewise the Cash Transfers window (not seen here) allows you to move real cash from one asset account into another. These asset accounts can be within the same fund, or between funds.
  • To move cash and receipts from one fund to another, use the Interfund Cash Transfer.
  • Cash Transfers are not included with Cash receipts (as it is not new money) or * Disbursements, but are included on the check register.
  • Print a Journal of cash transfers by clicking the Journal button.
  • Print a check for the cash transfer by clicking the Check button!

Other Applications

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"FiscalBooks" is part of the Fiscalsoft Suite line of products, developed by Fiscalsoft Corportaion.