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Fiscalsoft Corportaion

A developer of business management software.

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Innovative municipal software products geared for county fiscal courts, special districts and cities. Fiscalsoft publishes user friendly local government applications for the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems which are unsurpassed in the industry. Read what our customers say about our products and services!

Fiscalsoft provides more than great software products. Our technical support people have a combined 50+ years of experience with municipal accounting, payroll, tax management and e-Filing. While we aren’t CPA’s, we do provide an additional level of support to our customers not commonly found among other municipal software companies. This unique level of personal support is a big reason why we enjoy nearly a 100% annual support subscription renewal rate each fiscal year! Let’s face it, you are looking for programmers that know your job, and speak your language, right? Look no further, because we know municipal accounting, payroll and local tax management!


Fiscalsoft Corporation has evolved into a state-specific municipal software publisher for local governments. Our municipal software roots were planted way back in 1983 when the Harrison County Fiscal Court retained us to develop a payroll application (MicroPay – DOS) to replace their unsupported program. The following year we started on our first bookkeeping program (MASK – later named MicroBooks – DOS) for fiscal courts. In 1993 they asked us to create an occupational/net profits tax management system (MicroTax – DOS) for their new local tax ordinance. In those days, we primarily developed our software to run under MS-DOS, using a programming language called Clipper.

In 1997, the company released it’s first Microsoft Windows product, MicroBooks for Windows. The following year saw the release of MicroPay and Microtax for Windows. All three were 16-bit applications developed with Borland’s International Delphi, version 1.0. Through the years, Borland has maintained its reputation for developing solid software development compilers and tools for independent programmers and small software publishing companies. Borland’s Delphi is a powerful object oriented programming language that allows individual developers the capability to design, create and maintain large applications that would normally require a small team of programmers to implement. I honestly don’t think we would have made the progress we have made towards creating your Windows municipal accounting, payroll, tax, and electronic filing software, without Delphi.

In 2000 the company upgraded to Delphi 4.0 to produce a 32-bit electronic filing system for Kentucky County Fiscal Courts. The company achieved the first certification for electronic filing with the Dept. for Local Government on 10/12/2000. We now have 30 counties routinely e-filing FY budgets and quarterly financial statements over the Internet via FiscalExpress. Using Delphi 4.0, in 2002 we completed our first upgrade of 16-bit MicroTax to a 32-bit version and renamed the product to FiscalTax.

The newest versions of MicroBooks and MicroPay have also been developed with Delphi 4.0. The company has also applied for a U.S. Trademark on the name Fiscalsoft, and thus, we have decided to rename our next versions of those applications prefaced with “Fiscal”. FiscalBooks version 7.0, and FiscalPay 7.0, will use a new database engine (the Advantage Database Server from Extended Systems, Inc). This database engine is the same one used in FiscalTax, and we also have incorporated a new report engine (Report Builder from Digital Metaphors Corp) into all of our 32-bit software products.

In December of 2002, we entered into a contractual agreement to become a partner with Extended Systems, Inc. (Boise Idaho). After spending over 2 years evaluating their Advantage Database products, we decided to go with their embedded servers. The Advantage Database Local Server is now embedded in all of our 32-bit applications. Advantage Database also supports true Client/Server architecture with their Advantage Database Remote Server.

Regardless of the new programming languages and other toys we acquire to create your programs, the bottom line is this: we have always, and will continue to provide you with municipal software that is standardized to the way you are expected to do your accounting, payroll, local taxes, and electronic filing procedures. It’s been an interesting adventure so far, and we look forward to the continuing challenges that await us in the future of municipal accounting software for local governments.

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    A full ERP system designed by Fiscalsoft Corportaion for government & public administration companies.

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