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FirstTECH Solutions

A developer of business management software.

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FirstTECH Solutions Inc. develops and sells an e-commerce and contact center solution titled EngageASAP. Additionally they FirstTECH is a value added reseller for the industry’s leading strategic business solutions provider: Microsoft Business Solutions - GP; and also many other industry-specific Microsoft Business Solutions. In addition to being a Microsoft certified reseller they provide consulting services. These consulting services allow FirstTECH Solutions to not only sell systems. They also provide consulting services allowing them to not only sell software but also implement it in your facilities and train your staff. Furthermore, they are capable of designing, setting up, and servicing your networks. Examples of networks they support and networks they can develop are: SQL Servers, Databases (development and mining), Intranets, etc.

Product Lines

  • EngageASAP.net

    A web-based e-commerce service designed by FirstTECH Solutions.

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