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The FIRST OPTION BLUESKY FINANCIAL (formerly Daprex) Fixed Asset system provides comprehensive fixed asset management. Assets can be tracked by entity with an enormous amount of detailed information at your fingertips.

Asset product numbers, categories, classes, and types allow you to create a structure to correspond with your inventory if necessary and to meet all of your fixed asset needs. Fixed assets can be assigned serial, contract, and model numbers to fine tune asset management. Ownership and status codes define each asset’s useful life as well as its disposal. Salvage and residual value are maintained for fully depreciated assets.

Full blown depreciation and amortization schedules are included, including forbearance and capitalization. Maximum capitalization amounts per asset as well as forbearance or under construction months are available. Complete integration with the FIRST OPTION BLUESKY Accounts Payable and General Ledger applications insures timely and accurate recording of all monthly fixed asset depreciation transactions.

Management Tools

  • Multi-entity, multi-location capability.
  • An accurate picture of current fixed asset status including:
    • Depreciated
    • Disposed
    • Under construction
    • Dropped
  • Fifteen position alpha-numeric product number.
  • UPC code or alternate item number (Hot Key).
  • Five tiered asset structure: asset#/product#/category/class/type.
  • Depreciation terms.
  • Capitalization limits, interest amounts, and dates.
  • Forbearance months used.
  • Fully integrated with FIRST OPTION BLUESKY General Ledger system.


  • Graphical User Interface.
  • Desktop Integration.
  • Track purchase price and date.
  • Useful life and depreciation months.
  • Residual and salvage values.
  • Asset identification by:
    • Location
    • Contract
    • Serial number
    • Model number
  • Individual ownership association by asset.
  • User defined depreciation begin date if not equal to acquisition date.
  • First month depreciation can include prior periods.
  • Automatic General Ledger transactions.
  • Real time asset status codes.


  • Assets by General Ledger account including:
    • Purchase price and date
    • Asset number
    • Product number
    • Current value
    • Monthly depreciation value
    • Totals by entity and General Ledger account.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Fixed Assets:

"Fixed Assets" is part of the BlueSky Financials line of products, developed by First Option Inc..