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ROI is an add-on module for Navigator that gives you additional reporting capabilities by providing you with timely, accurate reporting of investment performance for marketable securities. By incorporating professional reporting techniques, ROI accurately tracks your return on investments for your portfolios. With ROI you can measure the true portfolio investment returns experienced over each time period for which you have Navigator data. Running a report with ROI is done in the same way as running a report in Navigator. ROI follows the performance reporting standards set by the Association for Investment Management and Research (AIMR). The performance returns calculated in Navigator are based on several different factors, and are calculated in different ways. A true Internal Rate of Return (IRR) is used to determine investment performance; or a time-weighted return compared to a relevant major index is used for judging managers. Additionally, ROI uses daily compounding because of the accuracy of this method; this is possible because Navigator has the date and amount of every cash-flow transaction affecting each investment portfolio. For investors Navigator and ROI will calculate the Effective Rate of Return which is more accurate than the Nominal Rate of Return.

By purchasing the ROI add-on module you will be able to run investment reports that cover multiple year and entities on a single report. Furthermore, you will be given the ability to follow the demanding professional standards set by AIMR to calculate both time-weighted and dollar-weighted returns. You will also be given the ability to judge your performance by comparing your ROI against up to 10 major indices (choosing from over 40). You are also given the capability to view historical investment performance. ROI has the functionality to produce separate reports for each portfolio, broker, or investment manager; you can also combine portfolios for a summary report. Finally, you are also given the ability to analyze the risk level of your portfolios and report performance of non-marketable investments. ROI gives you all the information you need to compare performance to indices, other investment managers, or against past returns.

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"ROI" is part of the Navigator Enterprise line of products, developed by Financial Navigator Int'l.