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Navigator gives you many capabilities in the area of investment management. Since this program will track all of your investments, you can easily come up with a valuation for any and all investments including but not limited to everything from stocks and mutual funds to oil, gas, and real estate. This program gives you the ability to calculate executive stock options with multiple exercise prices. Furthermore, you can easily track traded and restricted options, short sales, and margin accounts. With Navigator you can also easily manage all legal entities (partnerships, trusts, estates and investor-oriented small businesses). Companion products such as StockWeb and Navigator Access give you the ability to retrieve current and historical security prices, to provide you with a better valuation of the securities in your portfolio. You are given the ability to combine investment portfolios across multiple entities; and calculate the performance by generating an ROI of said portfolios and individual investments.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Investment Management:

"Investment Management" is part of the Navigator Enterprise line of products, developed by Financial Navigator Int'l.