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Advanced Reports is an optional add-on module to Navigator Enterprise, that is available for purchase. This module allows you to create reports that incorporate multiple entities and span multiple years; this in turn gives you the visibility to see the big picture with the powerful, time-saving capabilities available in Navigator and Advanced Reports. Advanced Reports allows you to report on entities grouped by “families” spanning multiple or single entities, or spanning multiple years; and export that data to other spreadsheet applications. You can also create your own customized reports, and save the formats you have created, which will give you even more capabilities in your reporting processes. This program allows you to copy entire entity families for easy year-to-year continuity and data management. Advanced Reports is available in two editions: the Standard edition and the Pro edition. The features of the two are as follows:

  • Standard Edition allows you to create five entity families, each of which may contain as many as 15 entities for a total of 75 entities.
  • The Pro Edition allows you to create an unlimited number of entity families without limiting the number of entities for family. You can also create consolidated reports. Additionally you have the ability to allocate a percentage of each entity into reports. Finally, you can store an unlimited number of qualifier tables and custom reports.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Advanced Reports:

"Advanced Reports" is part of the Navigator Enterprise line of products, developed by Financial Navigator Int'l.