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Financial Driver

A developer of business management software.

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A few years ago, a couple of accountants, who were frustrated with the time it took to complete core business data collection processes, be that monthly or annually started calculating the number of hours they wasted working on spreadsheets plus the time of those involved using these spreadsheets. They were also very aware of the foible of using spreadsheets, the common “go to tool” for Finance teams and accountants, trying to undo the inevitable errors that creep into them.

They fantasised about having easy-to-use software that would do away with nightmares associated with using spreadsheets, but would allow them the flexibility to budget, plan, forecast and analyse complex business data with accuracy and ease.

This, they thought, would not only save time, but would give them the confidence to provide informed business decisions and offer reliable strategic business advice. In addition to saving time by already pressed Finance and Accounting teams, they wanted something that could be used by more people across the business. Of course, they didn’t want it to cost a fortune and they wanted it to be simple to use and easy to install.

After a prolonged search on the market, setting key parameters of what they wanted this product to do, and because they couldn’t find what they were looking for on the market, our accountants set out to build the solution themselves.

It had to be easy to use, not restricted to Finance teams but include other users across the organization, simple to maintain, easily accessible, minimal or no IT involvement needed, minimal training required, and not full of features that look great in demos but are never likely to be used. The result is a Cloud-based solution called Financial Driver to make life simpler for business owners and accountants everywhere.

Not wishing to rest on the first days of build – the team at Financial Driver continues to hold to the philosophy of keep it simple and intuitive. The product continues to evolve today, by working with our partners, listening to our customers and prospects, with an aim never to over engineer nor complicate.

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  • Financial Driver

    A cloud-based budgeting, forecasting, and planning application.

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