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A full ERP system designed by Finance Manager for educational services and government & public administration companies.
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Taking It to the Next Level

nVision takes school business management software to the next level with powerful new features and enhancements that meet the everyday challenges facing today’s school districts and municipalities. This solution will provide business offices with a high-performing application that improves efficiency and streamlines business operations better than ever before. Staff will be able to share more data while automating daily processes for optimal workflow. Modules include Accounting, Budgeting, Payroll, Requisitioning, Receivables, Human Resources, Bidding, Negotiations, and Time & Attendance.

nVision Features

  • Increased Speed and Efficiency
  • Personalized Informational Dashboards
  • Customizable Views Layout
  • Message Center
  • Email Response System
  • Customizable Smart Grids with Microsft export capabilities
  • Ability to add Custom Data Fields
  • File Attachment
  • Personal Customizable Report Builder
  • Workflow Management with Event Notification
  • Powerful New Reporting Options with drill-down capabilities
  • Report Export Options in Microsoft Excel, Word, .PDF, Rich Text Format
  • Role-based Permission Profiles
  • Highly Sophisticated Search Tool


nVision is a completely integrated solution which takes advantage of the latest Microsoft® technology and its vast libraries of software tools to allow new and exciting features to be deployed more rapidly and efficiently. Built on the MS® SQL database, it enables Finance Manager to provide an intelligent platform optimized for data integration, reporting and analysis. nVision is easy to use and utilizes familiar Microsoft® Office features and includes a personal customizable report writer, web applications, employee self-service options, and much more.

Finance Manager has always been dedicated to ensuring that all of your organization’s information is secure, and that dedication has been passed to nVision as well. Combining both Microsoft® security standards and Finance Manager’s built-in security tools, you can feel confident that your data is secure with a comprehensive security and user management system that exceeds New York State Comptroller’s requirements.

Dashboard Technology

Dashboards are centralized windows that display real-time operational information. These centralized windows increase operational efficiency by providing key analytics to Administrators and Supervisors for a greater level of control and better decision-making. The dashboards enable the effective management of critical areas such as accounting, attendance, purchase orders, requisitions, payroll and much more.


One of the most critical functions of any software solution is analytical report writing. Having access to all of your data is the key to better decision-making. nVision offers you reporting capabilities that fulfill governmental and district-wide reporting requirements while empowering you with a personalized report writer that leverages inter-departmental data.

The nVision report writer is a customizable tool that allows users to create their own reports which can be saved for future use and/or shared with other staff members. This new tool is easy-to-use and offers more data control by the end user.

Finance Manager continues to offer the wide array of various reports you’ve become familiar with, but with added flexibility. nVision utilizes customizable Smart Grids that give you the option to review data on the screen or export to Microsoft® Word, Excel, .PDF or simply print. Our report viewer not only lists all the available standard reports, but displays a preview and description of each report. All our reports feature drill-down capabilities for better daily analysis.

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Complete Functionality Module List

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