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The payroll application will allow you to pay an unlimited number of employees and process their annual income tax returns. The system gives you the ability to setup taxing options for your employees, allowing you to handle virtually any unique taxing requirements including, but not limited to, flat rates, additional amounts and tax exemptions. With this application you are given the options to setup multiple deduction options that will be eliminated when the deductions limit is reached. The system also allows you to utilize a pay scale table to pay employees based on grade/step and based on the grade/scale of the work they performed. The system allows you to produce the following reports:

  • Quarterly earnings reports
  • Semi-annual earnings reports
  • Payroll distributions
  • Employee accounts by account code or name/description
  • Employee account balances (Period and Current)
  • One or all employee account activity between any two dates specified showing gross to net by pay code and general ledger account distribution.
  • Payroll check register with General Ledger Distribution for one or all employees, in detail or summary, for any dates you specify.
  • Employee gross to net payroll by month, quarter, semi-annual and annual to allow you to review all payroll information for any employee.
  • Quarterly, Semi-Annual and Year to Date payroll earnings

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Payroll:

"Payroll" is part of the FINancial Accounting Software line of products, developed by FIN Systems.