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The Loan/Credit Card Account application allow you to maintain an unlimited number of loan accounts, be they credit cards, notes payable, mortgages, lines of credit or any of the like. Loan proceeds can be entered and tracked with periodic interest rates/payments, credit card charges and various payments on account. This application gives you everything you need to calculate and reconcile loan balances for any date. You can then print, export, or display the following reports:

  • Loan reconciliation report
  • Loan activity which cleared the loan account statement
  • Payments in transit
  • Outstanding charges
  • Loan accounts by account code or name/description
  • Loan account balances (Period and Current)
  • One or all loan account activity between any two dates specified
  • Prior loan reconciliations

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Loan/Credit Card Account:

"Loan/Credit Card Account" is part of the FINancial Accounting Software line of products, developed by FIN Systems.