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The accounts receivable application will give you everything you need to ensure all of your customers pay their outstanding receivables. You are able to enter invoices for one time customers without setting up a separate customer account. The receivables application uses a very specific invoice identification method. This is done to give you the ability to trace customer activity by invoice and generate reports of accounts receivable as of any date at any time. This is done to allow you to analyze customer payment history. You are then able to use this information to establish better credit for your best paying customers. The ability to either write-off or carry-forward differences between the invoices paid and the payment amount at the time the payment is applied to the invoices paid, to simplify this accounting method. This method also provides the best audit trail and accountability of accounts receivable. Further features of the system can be seen below:

  • The following customizable and optional functions can be added to the system: Sales Quotations, Sales Orders, Billing, inventory integration, etc.
    • Maintain a virtually unlimited number of customer accounts
    • Enter customer invoices and receipts for tracking
    • The system can sequentially number all invoices automatically, and in the manner you specify.
    • After entering an invoice, a payment can be entered and applied, allowing you to perform cash sales.
    • You can write-off old invoices at any time and automatically reverse the original distribution (Sales, Sales Tax, etc.). Alternatively you are also able to optionally charge the write-off to any account in your general ledger.
    • Information can be reviewed by customer, invoice number, invoice date, due date, invoice amount, all invoices in reverse entry order, all unpaid invoices in entry order, or all past due invoices in entry order.
    • Reports available in the system include:
      • Customer accounts by account code or name/description
      • Customer account balances (Period and Current)
      • One or all customer account activity between any two dates specified
      • Outstanding accounts receivable reports for one or all customers including:
        • Summary by account
        • Aging by account
        • Detail by account
        • Detail by account with aging
        • Statements of unpaid invoices
      • Customer remittance advices (invoices paid for any check)
      • Invoices past due

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Accounts Receivable:

"Accounts Receivable" is part of the FINancial Accounting Software line of products, developed by FIN Systems.