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FINancial Accounting Software

An accounting software system designed by FIN Systems.
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The FINancial Accounting Software system is your complete financial management system with a customizable modular setup. In addition to the standardized applications listed below there are several custom applications available, allowing the system to specifically cater to any industry. The list of available customized applications includes:

  • Investment Portfolio Management
  • Sales Quotations
  • Sales Orders
  • Billing
  • Inventory Management
  • Fixed Asset Management
  • Purchase Orders (including encumbrance accounting)
  • Mass Mailing
  • Preventative Maintenance Program

Ease of Use - The FINancial Accounting Software is designed with ease of use in mind. In any application you can setup customers, vendors, employees, bank accounts, credit card accounts, petty cash accounts, loan accounts, general ledger accounts, departments, etc. at the time you are entering in the transaction that would initially require it. So while other software packages require you to exit the application to setup the appropriate account, this system allows you to setup any applicable accounts on-the-fly. Furthermore, the menu-driven system makes for an easy to navigate system, so you do not waste time searching for commands.

Real Time Updating - The FINancial Accounting System was developed as an online, real time system. All files are updated while you enter transactions. There is no need to run a posting program before your account balances are updated. They are kept up-to-date automatically. An option of printing Financial Statements after you enter the last transaction of the day is easily available.

Control - The system itself is full of control measures, ensuring you are protected from entering invalid or incorrect data into the system. You are able to setup specific dates that transactions must fall into. You can setup required fields that must be entered in order for a transaction to submitted. The system prevents duplicate records from being entered. i.e., duplicate customer invoices, vendor invoices, bank checks, customer payments, and general ledger journal entries. Additionally, you are able to setup sequential numbering for check numbers and invoice numbers, which will then cause the system to automatically assign numbers to corresponding transactions. Finally, the FINancial Information System has the most complete audit trail to allow the user or an auditor to be able to easily trace any financial transaction back to its source document.

Security - In addition to the multiple levels of control, the FINancial Accounting System is full of security features as well. Each user is given a user number and password needed to access the system. If a user fails to successfully enter their password or user name, after three unsuccessful attempts they are locked out of the system for 15 minutes. This time delay technique discourages unauthorized personnel from trying to gain access to your system. Also, all unsuccessful login attempts are captured by the system to allow you to review logins for unusual entries. The system also allows you to setup each user with access to specific applications. Meaning employees can only see the information they need to successfully complete their tasks. The system then logs the activity of each user, which can be printed or displayed at anytime. Also, certain sensitive functions are restricted to the owner of the system, and the owner must enter a valid owner password to gain access to these critical functions.

Functionality Modules

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Loan/Credit Card Account The Loan/Credit Card Account application allow you to maintain an unlimited number of loan accounts, be they credit cards, notes payable, mortgages, lines of credit or any of…

General Ledger The General Ledger application gives you the ability to track an unlimited number of general ledger accounts. The system is a date driven financial reporting system that…

Accounts Payable The Accounts Payable application is loaded with features to make your payables processing and tracking more simplistic and organized. This application uses a very specific…

Accounts Receivable The accounts receivable application will give you everything you need to ensure all of your customers pay their outstanding receivables. You are able to enter invoices for…

Payroll The payroll application will allow you to pay an unlimited number of employees and process their annual income tax returns. The system gives you the ability to setup taxing…

Bank Accounts The Bank Account application will allow you to maintain a virtually unlimited number of bank accounts (i.e. savings, checking, certificates of deposit, money markets, etc.).…

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