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Figtree Consulting

A developer of business management software.

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Figtree Consulting is dedicated to providing the highest level of computer support to companies of all sizes.

The key to Figtree’s success is the ability and dedication of our staff. Our team of business professionals, programmers and systems specialists are experts in building and supporting software and hardware systems. Figtree staff combines many years of business and accounting experience with system design and hardware expertise to build systems that improve the profitability of our clients.


  • Custom business software and support
  • Accounting System software installation and support
  • NetWare design, installation and support
  • Hardware installation and support
  • Training on custom software products

The most important service that Figtree provides is long term support. As both business and computer experts, we can help your company to use automation profitably and to keep your business running smoothly.

System Design

Figtree works closely with you to develop your requirements. We design the specifications and research available packages. Only then do we recommend the system that best meets your goals.


We have years of experience designing and installing multi-user systems. Your staff can function as a team sharing ideas and equipment.

Custom Software

We write custom software to satisfy specific requirements. The systems we create fit the way your company does business. They are designed for usability and are easy to learn. They are flexible and can be modified to meet changing business needs.


Figtree offers a variety of training options to allow you to take full advantage of your system.

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