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Figg Excel Accounting Solutions

A developer of business management software.

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figg Excel Accounting Solutions: Now everyone can go figure!

figg Excel Accounting Solutions is a business registered in South Africa.

The Accounting System sold by figg is developed in MS Excel and the Business Admin Docs are templates in MS Excel and some in MS Word.

figg Excel Accounting Solutions is an approved Microsoft Business Partner.

The Accounting System and Business Admin Docs are aimed at the single user, non-accountant small business entrepreneur.

The main attractions to the figg products for small business owners, is the familiarity of MS Excel, the figg video tutorials teaching how to use the products and the educational worksheets within the products.

Gail Emmerick is a South African business operations, accounting consultant and small business owner with 20 years standing who conceptualized and developed the figg products after years of discovering the limitations and unnecessary complexities, yet lack of management reporting of other accounting products.

Brendon Burmester is the marketing partner in the business. He is a certified trainer and spent much of his career training and developing curriculums for inventory and product management software.

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