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A web‑based multi‑module management system designed by FieldBoss for commercial & service and construction companies.
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FieldBoss automates workflow for companies in the field service industry. It allows those companies to dramatically improve their efficiency and reduce their operating costs while improving the level of customer service that they can provide to their customers. It is comprehensive in capabilities and easy for the widest variety of users to adopt. FieldBoss is developed on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform.

FieldBoss was created under the idea that any size business, small to large, should be able to utilize technological advances to stay competitive in the field service industry. Without the utilization of technology, supported by experience and trusted partners like FieldBoss, it can be costly and challenging for companies to thrive and grow in industries where so many moving parts like, technicians, trucks, parts, contracts, routes and schedules have to be managed.

Such technological capabilities and expertise should not be only available to larger service providers. The low, per user, monthly fee makes FieldBoss accessible to any size company.

Leverage Microsoft Solutions

FieldBoss is built within Dynamics CRM and incorporates various other Microsoft tools and services to meet your exact business needs.

Integrate to Accounting

You can integrate FieldBoss with all popular accounting systems. It will integrate best with Microsoft Dynamics GP financial and inventory management so that you can organize, operate, analyze, and manage your business using software from a single vendor, Microsoft.

Works in a Browser or in Microsoft Outlook

FieldBoss is web based and works on any browser and any device or within Microsoft Outlook for guaranteed user adoption. Because FieldBoss works within Microsoft Outlook, sales people are more inclined to adopt structured sales processes and training is easy, as most employees are already comfortable on Outlook and the entire Microsoft Stack.

Popular Functionality Modules

Elevator Tracking Use FieldBoss to set up and track elevator information that is essential for all aspects of your business. Contracts, locations, elevator cars, specifications, inspections,…

Maintenance Contract Management Track maintenance contracts for each specific elevator, building and owners. Proactively manage renewals through built in updates triggered by deadlines. Schedule maintenance…

Modernization Management Comprehensive project management functionality that ensures on time and on budget delivery. Complex and lengthy jobs are made more manageable and everyone who needs…

Schedule and Dispatch Sophisticated case management, integrated dispatch capabilities and escalation rules ensure on-demand service and break fix requests never “fall through the cracks”, and are…

Mobility, Route Optimizaton and GPS Tracking Maximize technician utilization by optimizing call routing with integrated Google or Bing map technology. Empower your field staff with configurable mobility features…

Complete Functionality Module List

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