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Sage Software (formerly Best Software) acquired this product in 2005 See this notice

Subsequently Empower Software acquired this product from Sage Software in 2009 See notice

FLS Employer’s Direct Pay.COMpliance(tm) provides the industry’s first web-native solution for automating payroll tax compliance, whether you choose to insource your compliance, outsource it to FLS, or combine the two options for a hybrid solution!

  • FLS eDP.COMpliance is the most comprehensive payroll tax tool ever created. Key features include:
  • Fully Web-native — can be deployed via Internet, corporate intranet/extranet, or on a local PC
  • Easy to learn and use — works inside a familiar browser environment
  • Extremely secure — integrates the latest Internet security protocols to protect your data and work environment
  • Grows with you, from a single-user local installation to an enterprise-wide distributed deployment that crosses the country — or the world
  • Minimal hardware and software requirements provide maximum flexibility
  • Multi-company capability with unlimited state and local jurisdictions
  • Tax deposit calendars for federal, state, and local jurisdictions Tracking at client, customer, company, payroll ID, and unit levels
  • Automated federal, state, and local tax deposit calendars
  • Summary payroll data
  • Simple electronic payments (built-in EFTPS compliance) as well as electronic returns
  • Laser-printed, signature-ready quarterly returns
  • Built-in cash management features
  • Extensive standard reports with custom reporting options
  • Functionality and flexibility for multiple reporting sites
  • Automated import/export routines
  • Interfaces with accounts payable, treasury management, and other accounting systems

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with FLS eDP.COMpliance™ (Web-based Payroll Taxes):

"FLS eDP.COMpliance™ (Web-based Payroll Taxes)" is part of the FLS Employer Compliance Software & Services line of products, developed by Federal Liaison Services.