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FLS Employer Compliance Software & Services

A multi-module management system designed by Federal Liaison Services.
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FLS provides web-based and client/server solutions for the in-house automation of payroll tax compliance.

FLS Compliance Outsourcing Services™

FLS Compliance Outsourcing Services(tm) accommodate those employers who desire to use a service bureau environment for processing their payroll taxes. Our services utilize the latest generation of proven software technology designed, developed, and maintained by FLS — currently in wide use by many large employers across the U.S.

Utilizing FLS eDP.COMpliance, customers have 24x7 access to their data to perform updates, check payment status, run reports, etc.

FLS performs all tasks to initiate payroll tax payments and file tax returns, including:

  • Receive all summary tax and wage data from the customer’s payroll department
  • Process the data to determine when taxes are due
  • Initiate payment of taxes via EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) or check to the tax agencies
  • Prepare, sign, and file all payroll tax returns
  • Respond to agency correspondence on behalf of the customer
  • Report to customer all activities performed on its behalf, including copies of tax returns filed
  • Does not impound customers tax funds
  • Unique fee structure based on transactions, not float

FLS eDP.COMpliance™ (Web-based Payroll Taxes)

FLS Employer’s Direct Pay.COMpliance(tm) provides the industry’s first web-native solution for automating payroll tax compliance, whether you choose to insource your compliance, outsource it to FLS, or combine the two options for a hybrid solution!

  • FLS eDP.COMpliance is the most comprehensive payroll tax tool ever created. Key features include:
  • Fully Web-native — can be deployed via Internet, corporate intranet/extranet, or on a local PC
  • Easy to learn and use — works inside a familiar browser environment
  • Extremely secure — integrates the latest Internet security protocols to protect your data and work environment
  • Grows with you, from a single-user local installation to an enterprise-wide distributed deployment that crosses the country — or the world
  • Minimal hardware and software requirements provide maximum flexibility
  • Multi-company capability with unlimited state and local jurisdictions
  • Tax deposit calendars for federal, state, and local jurisdictions Tracking at client, customer, company, payroll ID, and unit levels
  • Automated federal, state, and local tax deposit calendars
  • Summary payroll data
  • Simple electronic payments (built-in EFTPS compliance) as well as electronic returns
  • Laser-printed, signature-ready quarterly returns
  • Built-in cash management features
  • Extensive standard reports with custom reporting options
  • Functionality and flexibility for multiple reporting sites
  • Automated import/export routines
  • Interfaces with accounts payable, treasury management, and other accounting systems

FLS EPIC™ (Electronic Tax Payments)

In conjunction with other FLS systems, the FLS EPIC[tm] (Electronic Payment & Information Courier) module creates and delivers EFT transactions to an ACH network. Transactions are formatted in compliance with mandates from federal, state, and other agencies.

FLS EPIC keeps you in compliance with the IRS EFTPS, state mandates for EDI and EFT of tax payments, and other items sent via EFT or EDI. System features include:

  • EFTPS compliant and EDI-ready for payroll taxes
  • ACH credit payments to federal, state, and local authorities
  • Works in conjunction with other FLS systems
  • Compliance changes are updated by FLS as needed
  • Value-added network for timely transmissions
  • Payment confirmation file for automated recording of tax payments
  • Extensive system security

FLS Payroll Tax System™

The FLS Payroll Tax System(tm) automates the processing of federal, state, and local payroll tax payments. The system accurately schedules due dates, exports payment files to accounts payable and ACH systems, and laser prints signature-ready quarterly and annual returns. The software operates in a Microsoft Windows client/server environment.

The system capabilities include:

  • Multi-company capability with unlimited state and local jurisdictions
  • Tracking at three levels, (e.g., company, division, and unit)
  • FLS-supported tax deposit calendars for federal, state, and local tax payments
  • Data import routines accept data from all payroll systems
  • Interfaces to accounts payable, treasury management, and other accounting systems
  • IRS/EFTPS compliant
  • Laser printed signature-ready quarterly returns
  • Cash management control features
  • Built-in standard reports
  • Includes Crystal Reports(tm) for customized reporting

FLS Wage Attachment System™

Employers are responsible for the accurate collection and payment of many types of wage attachments. These include child support, federal and state levies, creditor garnishments, defaulted student loans, bankruptcies and many other types of attachments.

The FLS Wage Attachment System(tm) assists employers with their compliance responsibilities by automating the garnishment process. These compliance features ensure federal and state laws are adhered to, while providing employees the benefit of accurate and timely deductions. System features include:

  • Calculates disposable income according to Federal and State definitions
  • Adheres to federal exempt pay mandates
  • Processes unlimited number of orders on any employee
  • Consolidates agency payments and optimizes payment timing
  • Applies jurisdiction priority rules
  • Executes and tracks administrative fees
  • Provides system-generated agency correspondence and reports

FLS Year End Tax System™

The FLS Year End Tax System(tm) provides your company with a desktop method to issue/reissue tax forms such as W-2, W-2c, W-3, W-3c and 941c. A variety of 1099 forms can also be generated. The ongoing storage of hard copy W-2s and 1099s can now be eliminated.

System features include:

  • Single-user or multi-user capability
  • Print forms W-2, W-2c, 1099 and more
  • Make W-2 reissues or corrections throughout the year
  • Data reconciliation features for forms W-2 and 1099
  • Create magnetic media for submission of W-2 data to the SSA and 1099 data to the IRS
  • Import and export data from other systems

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