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Standardize Maintenance Procedures and Save Crew Time

Define Frequency of Preventive Work Orders

  • Schedule routine tasks by calendar, driving unit of measure, and event (or any combination)
  • Reschedule preventive work orders when equipment becomes available
  • Statistically predict the next date of equipment failure

Create Templates for Instructions, Materials and Tools List

  • Reduce management and crew preparation time
  • Attach pre-defined instructions, parts lists, tools lists, safety procedures, and files to preventive work orders
  • Eliminate duplication of preventive maintenance work orders

Assign Unlimited Work Orders or Departments

  • Create and assign unlimited work orders for a single piece of equipment
  • Schedule work orders of the same frequency on a single piece of equipment
  • Assign multiple maintenance departments to a single piece of equipment
  • Associate specific account numbers, cost centers, or projects to a work order

Manage Standardized Regulations

  • Monitor plant safety procedures and regulations
  • Maintain procedure and revision control for ISO 9000, QS 9000, OSHA, and other quality systems
  • Improve safety compliance and records

Operate Equipment at Capacity

Schedule Repair Activities

  • Schedule multiple repairs during production downtime
  • Associate several work order instruction lists to a specific work order
  • Provide individual instruction lists to multiple departments and multiple crafts

PlanWork Orders

  • Specify craft, skill, and time required for certain tasks
  • Plan and itemize a list of tools needed to perform the work on the work order
  • Create a parts list identifying the necessary parts and the quantities
  • Provide step-by-step procedures to be used by the technicians

Analyze Repair Expenditures and Causes of Breakdowns

  • Analyze causes of equipment breakdowns
  • Associate breakdowns to specific systems or assemblies
  • View the amount of downtime and labor used for a given repair

Schedule Employees and Distribute Labor

  • Manage and track labor records and costs for work orders and equipment
  • Assign individual employees to work orders on specific days
  • Base assignments upon an employee’s craft, skill level, and available time

Keep Your Equipment Reliable, Productive, and Efficient

Track Downtime

  • Focus on critical issues effecting equipment performance
  • Analyze root causes of unplanned or unscheduled downtime
  • Optimize machine reliability
  • Increase productive capacity opportunities

Analyze Failures

  • Understand what is failing, when it’s failing, and why it’s failing
  • Establish mean time between failures
  • Receive advanced warning or notification before a failure occurs
  • Reduce production opportunity loss

* Attach Files*

  • Link various media and files to your equipment records
  • Access manufacturer’s catalogs, CD-ROMs, and technical reference material
  • Make images, videos, and audio files available to technicians and other craftspeople

Track Warranties and Process Claims

  • Process claims for your warranty credits and replacements
  • Track both internal and external repairs for reimbursement
  • Capture all warranty claims available

Maintain Bills of Materials

  • Track equipment components and materials automatically
  • Build a bill of materials each time you issue parts
  • Add parts manually to a piece of equipment’s bill of materials list

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Plant Maintenance:

"Plant Maintenance" is part of the MLS line of products, developed by FBO Systems.