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Reduce Inventory Investment and Improve Cost Effectiveness

Use Multiple Sites for MRO Inventory

  • Maintain a master list of inventory parts in multi-site organizations
  • Optimize site inventory through inter-site transfers
  • Track and record issues, receipts, returns, and adjustments
  • Plan, facilitate and record physical inventories
  • Specify parts ordered in one unit of measure and issued in another

Designate Sole Source Parts

  • Use primary vendors offering lower pre-negotiated prices
  • Replenish stock automatically or manually

Analyze Usage

  • Make better decisions about what items and quantities to keep in stock
  • Graphically display monthly and annual part consumption across all warehouses

Analyze Reserves

  • Display all reserved quantities for a given part for specific stores requisitions
  • Access information on any attached purchase orders and requisitions
  • Free up parts for use on more critical stores requisitions

Use Fabricated Parts

  • Order and track internally fabricated parts
  • Establish internal or external locations to keep track of equipment under repair

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with MRO Inventory:

"MRO Inventory" is part of the MLS line of products, developed by FBO Systems.