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A developer of business management software.

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Their vision is to develop innovative Information and Communication Technology products and solutions which will enable all the stakeholders in agriculture and food sector to enhance their core business processes, improve management practices and increase profits.


Their mission is to become a global leader in this domain and make FarmERP products and solutions available across the globe. From leading corporate houses to small individual farmers, they wish to cover the complete spectrum.


FarmERP is completely designed and developed at SHIVRAI’s Technology Development Center in Pune, India. It is outcome of contributions made by highly experienced Information Technology and Agricultural Technology experts. FarmERP has gone through rigorous software product development lifecycle to assure best quality.
* In year 2003-2004, they designed the first prototype of FarmERP, with a raw idea of developing a software tool for agricultural farm management. * This prototype was then demonstrated to various target users like individual farmers, agribusiness companies, agricultural universities and institutions. Numerous suggestions and ideas were gathered from specially organized seminars, brain storming sessions with experts, farmer meets, test cases etc. * This valuable feedback from experts and potential users helped them in converting a prototype into a user friendly, robust and professional software product “FarmERP”. In year 2005-2006, FarmERP version 1.0 was launched and rolled out in the market. It was well received by the progressive farmers and companies. * The R&D and product enhancement continued and in year 2007-2008, FarmERP version 2.0 with latest and most advanced features was launched. * The internet based version of FarmERP – FarmERP Online was also launched in year 2006-2007.

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  • FarmERP

    A multi-module management system designed by FarmERP.

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