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All work orders (and underlying sub-assemblies or components) are expanded to their constituent operations and scheduled using manufacturing instruction based operations and times.

Operation details are then combined, by day, to provide the overviews of planned vs available capacity. Available capacities are specified through resource codes which represent the various machines or processes within the enterprise.

Each resource is specified with a daily overall capacity available and maximum capacity to be planned against any one job per day.

In addition a percentage is specified against each day of the week which reflects each days available capacity as a percentage of the normal working hours (e.g. Monday to Thursday may be 100% with Friday being 60% and Saturday being 20% - thus representing a typical early finish on Fridays and morning shift on Saturdays).

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Scheduling:

"Scheduling" is part of the FactoryMaster line of products, developed by FactoryMaster.