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Most companies are aware of whether they made a profit or loss for any particular month but often do not know how profitable individual jobs were or how profitable individual customers are compared one with another.

Often companies quote work and monitor income on a hour, but this must be recognized as a potentially dangerous practice where an unskilled laborer with a file doing some bench work is valued.

Rather than monitoring income on a global rate per hour per person, FactoryMaster enables a variety of easy to capture information to be organized automatically into a variety analyses.

The above procedure is considerably simplified as manufacturing instructions are automatically created from the quotation. These manufacturing instructions inherit all relevant attributes of the quotation but may then be expanded for actual production use (e.g. detailed manufacturing Instructions may be added for some operations).

All manufacturing instructions are associated with a specific drawing issue release for the part and these issue numbers are checked between manufacturing instructions, quotation, customer order and drawing register to ensure that route cards can only be produced where all Issues agree.

Job costing inquiries and reports are produced by job, part number, customer and accounting month.

Job costing and time comparisons between original quotation, manufacturing instruction plan and actuals are also available.

In addition, all time costed data is also captured against each resource so that a picture can be built up of the relative earning capacity (and profitability) of individual machines along with their actual earning hours. Information which, after a few months, could be used to adjust the available hours percentage for individual machines and processes on the resource file which in turn help make scheduling more accurate.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Job Costing:

"Job Costing" is part of the FactoryMaster line of products, developed by FactoryMaster.