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The configurator is an advanced module that allows manufacturers of custom made products built to a size and dimension specification (e.g. windows, doors, kitchen countertops) to provide estimates and orders based on a specific configuration.

It allows the manufacturer to maintain just one bill of materials and manufacturing route. Upon order entry dimensions and sizes are requested. FactoryMaster will then calculate a tailored bill of materials as well as a tailored work order for the fulfilment of this order with no further work required by the user.

FactoryMaster also allows you to create quotes for work for configured item.

This functionality can have a significant impact upon the time it takes for work to be quoted and built within a system.

This type of module is a good example of how FactoryMaster can add extensive extra functionality into its core product without invalidating upgrade paths for customers.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Configurator:

"Configurator" is part of the FactoryMaster line of products, developed by FactoryMaster.