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A web‑based multi‑module management system designed by FactoryMaster for manufacturing companies.
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FactoryMaster is a cost effective manufacturing software solution that will help your organization utilize the latest technology to assist in the planning and day-to-day operation of your company’s commercial and production processes, covering all aspects of the business in one package.

We are so confident that our manufacturing software will help you improve your business that we will happily introduce you to organizations that have achieved significant improvement in many aspects of their business such as, reducing lead times, increasing profitability and productivity, improving on-time delivery performance, reducing costs and overheads, improved cashflow by reducing WIP for stock holding, shop floor planning and documentation, purchasing (including material requirement planning) and job costing. It is important to know what is going on in real time and as such all costs are monitored real time so you don’t have to wait until it is too late to find out whether a job is profitable or has an unexpected margin.

Over the past year, one of our manufacturing software customers has achieved 20% growth in business while reducing arrears and overtime to a negligible level. They are also being hailed by a well known Aerospace manufacturer as one of their very few suppliers to respond satisfactorily to their adherence and delivery demands.

The best part is that this system is probably one of the most inexpensive yet most fully featured systems on the market. Developed over the last 12 years it is fully supported in each country it is sold by teams dedicated to providing Engineering focused Manufacturing Systems.

FactoryMaster is available on a single-user or multi-user platform with experienced training and support services available, ensuring success for your Sales, Production, Quality, Purchase and Finance teams who will all reap benefits from the system.

Popular Functionality Modules

Estimating Sales Quotes can be very quickly generated from a blank quote, a template or a previous quote for the same or similar part. Simple estimates for resale or make to stock parts…

Scheduling All work orders (and underlying sub-assemblies or components) are expanded to their constituent operations and scheduled using manufacturing instruction based operations and…

Tooling This module controls the status of all tools & gauges, when they were last calibrated and which are now due for calibration. Probably the major cost benefit provided over…

Configurator The configurator is an advanced module that allows manufacturers of custom made products built to a size and dimension specification (e.g. windows, doors, kitchen…

Customization FactoryMaster has extensive experience in creating ad hoc or custom functionality that is specific for a particular manufacturing technique or particular to a way an…

Complete Functionality Module List

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