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Order Entry is a Standard Feature in FactoryASP

The Order Entry module uses six fully matched pages in these sequential steps

  • Quotes
  • Sales Order
  • Invoice & Shipment
  • Receipts
  • Commisions
  • Product Returns

Any step can be taken independently at any time.

As much as possible, steps in the cycle are automated. For example, with one mouse click, you can copy a quote to an order, turn an order into a shipment/invoice, or receive payment on an invoice.

In addition, Factory Edge is extremely flexible. Of course it can handle special circumstances like partials, blanket orders, etc. You can enter a receipt without entering an associated invoice, you can enter an invoice without entering an associated order, and you can enter an order without entering an associated quote.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Order Entry:

"Order Entry" is part of the FactoryASP and Factory Enterprise line of products, developed by Factory Edge.