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Bill of Materials are standard in FactoryASP

  • Multilevel
  • Infinite Level and Depth
  • Supports Operations
  • Allows Large Descriptions
  • Flexible/Custom Units of Measure
  • Make to Stock or Make to Order Sub-assemblies
  • Provides Estimated Costing Reports
  • Supports Custom Inspections Criteria on Item or Operation

Editing BOMs is easy. When you adjust a component, all of its sub-components are automatically adjusted with it. You can also copy bills of material from one part to another. This is very useful when you make multiple similar parts. (In addition to copying the bill of material, Factory Edge can copy the operations and item categories as well).

The bill of material includes fields besides just components and quantities. You can add notes (such as locations), and you can even link components to manufacturing operations. For example, you can say that a bicycle has two wheels. But you can also tell Factory Edge that the wheels are used at the assemble operation.

When you create work orders, Factory Edge creates the requirements for all levels in the bill of material. You can even edit the bill of material for an individual work order, without affecting the master bill of material.

Other reports include the “Where Used“ list, and the “Bill of Manufacture”. A bill of manufacture shows components and operations, including individual and rolled-up costs. It is a powerful tool for quoting.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Bill of Materials:

"Bill of Materials" is part of the FactoryASP and Factory Enterprise line of products, developed by Factory Edge.