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A developer of business management software.

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Since our inception in 1979, FACTOR has been developing fully-integrated software solutions using leading-edge technology. Our solutions and services are suited to organizations of all sizes from very large to medium and small. No matter what your line(s) of business, we can help improve your financial performance. We help petroleum marketers involved in fuel distribution, fuel brokerage, card lock operations, bulk plants, warehouses, consigned locations, and lube distribution, home heating/fuel providers, and convenience store operators and chains. Our in-depth knowledge and experience optimizing business, home office, back office, and accounting processes helps companies increase staff productivity, margins and profits.

Software: For more than 50 years, we have been serving the petroleum marketing industry with innovative, cost-effective solutions. Our solutions are not only built for today, but they are powerful enough to foster your future growth. To that end, our solutions are very scalable and modular for businesses to seamlessly adapt to steady changes in the marketplace.

  • Accounting and Back Office Automation
  • Credit Management
  • Fuel Management
  • Dispatch & Delivery Management
  • Retail Sales
  • Scanning/Centralized Pricebook
  • Motor Fuel Tax Management and Control
  • Financial Reporting
  • Wholesale Inventory
  • Fuel Oil/Home Heating
  • EDI and Electronic Commerce

Services: Our consultants are experts in the petroleum industry and technology platforms we support. Our goal is to be your “single source” partner to not only implement software solutions, but to partner with you to better understand your business needs and optimize business processes.

  • Customized implementation plans
  • Post implementation support
  • Product and system integration resources
  • Ongoing guidance and recommendations
  • Project management
  • Business consulting and improvement services
  • Network assessment services
  • Hosting services
  • Financial management services
  • Education and Training

Product Lines

  • DataTrak

    A software system designed by FACTOR.

    0 reviews
    • DealerTrak

      A software system designed by FACTOR.

      0 reviews
      • DeliveryTrak

        A software system designed by FACTOR.

        0 reviews
        • ExecuTrak

          A multi-module management system designed by FACTOR.

          0 reviews
          • FuelTrak

            A software system designed by FACTOR.

            0 reviews
            • ServiceTrak

              A software system designed by FACTOR.

              0 reviews
              • StoreTrak

                A software system designed by FACTOR.

                0 reviews

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