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Infor F9 Viewer is a version of F9 for decision-makers who want to do more than look at static reports or to rely on the finance team to provide reports. It allows managers to view reports, run reports and drill down on numbers on their own. The F9 Report Writers in the finance team who until now were tasked to run reports, distribute reports and assist decision-makers in analyzing data can just publish master-template F9 reports for F9 Viewers to run and analyze on their own. The decision-makers are empowered to answer their own questions by having access to the general ledger data and the ability to easily interrogate the data.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Infor F9 Report Viewer:

"Infor F9 Report Viewer" is part of the Infor F9 line of products, developed by Infor F9.