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Infor F9 Report Manager helps you keep reporting materials and templates organized and at the ready, so you can speed up your work and minimize unnecessary searches for source materials. Once you set up tasks for automation in Infor F9 Report Manager, you’ll save time and reduce the cost and time required to produce reports.

Streamline your reporting process

Infor F9 Report Manager extends the functionality of Infor F9 to create a more robust, feature-rich, server-based tool that helps increase productivity and lower costs. Everything you know about spreadsheets can be applied to the reports you create with Infor F9 Report Manager.

Infor F9 Report Manager helps you increase productivity and lower labor costs related to reporting by giving you a hierarchical view of the structure of the organization for which you run reports. That hierarchical structure serves as a convenient point of access for managing all the elements you need for reports automation. Infor F9 Report Manager includes:

  • Trees and hierarchical rollups—You can combine groups of codes created with Infor F9 Financial Entities to quickly run through iterations of the same template report for different combinations of codes. Display report tasks in a hierarchical format to help visualize and control the outputs you generate for distribution.
  • Built-in report management—You’ll have an intuitive, easy-to-use interface for working with sets of reports with Infor F9 Report Manager. You can view, select, and combine familiar report dimensions to manage report criteria. Select a folder and have all Microsoft Excel files in that folder calculated, then select individual worksheets to publish and distribute to multiple recipients.
  • Output and distribution—You can save reports in a variety of file formats and email them to multiple recipients. Save a report to a FTP server, to a shared folder, or Microsoft SharePoint® reports library and create multiple output types, including XLSX, PDF, XPS, and F9 viewer format.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Infor F9 Report Manager:

"Infor F9 Report Manager" is part of the Infor F9 line of products, developed by Infor F9.