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A developer of business management software.

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ezyCollect is an intelligent software service that easily connects to most accounting systems and then allows a business to set a reminder plan that automatically chases customers that don’t pay on time, and thank the ones that do! ezyCollect is a set & forget solution for debtor management.

ezyCollect directly improves a businesses profitability by:

  • Slashing labour costs associated with collections
  • Reduces bad debts by over 80%
  • Saves thousands of dollars on interest & finance charges

Product and service excellence

We strive to provide our customers with the best receivables management solution in the market today. This is supported by having the best people, using the best practice technologies and processes.

Passion for customers, partners, and technology

We have a passion for seeing our customers succeed and helping them grow their business. We want our customers and partners to regard us as a trusted advisor and experience our people as knowledgeable, insightful, proactive, friendly and able to meet their needs.

Trust and team spirit

Trust and team spirit focuses on achieving a culture of teamwork and collaboration where our people feel engaged, passionate and valued. Our staff is our number one asset and we treat them as such.

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