Is Execupay Payroll Suite right for your business?

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EPS Sales gives your sales staff the specialized tool needed to excel in selling the specialized service of payroll processing. Information about potential clients that is stored by EPS Sales is as follows:

  • Payroll specific information: their current payroll provider, number of employees, and pay frequency.
  • Payroll service options: tax filing, direct deposit, time and attendance options, remote entry options, and delivery method.
  • “Quick Quotes” based on prices dictated by your service bureau help to keep prospects interested on the telephone.
  • A log of all interaction by a salesperson with a client
  • Telemarketing scripts

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Sales:

"Sales" is part of the Execupay Payroll Suite line of products, developed by Execupay.