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A developer of business management software.

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Execupay, Inc. provides a variety of services and a software package to address all your HR and Payroll needs. By focusing on small and medium sized businesses since 1977, they have gained experience and know how, ensuring they can provide the most efficient and cost effective HR and Payroll services.

Payroll services from Execupay allow you to implement direct deposit, process taxes easily, run a paperless payroll, perform many accounting tasks, etc.

HR services from Execupay allow you to select health benefits, implement employee handbooks, setup workers compensation and retirement plans, track time & attendance, etc.

Additionally, Execupay is the developer of a versatile Payroll Suite, allowing you to provide comprehensive payroll and tax reporting services to your clients. From start to finish, and including post purchase support, Execupay will assist you in every step needed to successfully implement this software package.

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