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EXEControl® Global Solutions

A developer of business management software.

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Established as a software company in 1969, EXEControl® Global Solutions was an early pioneer and is today a leader in information technology for small and mid-size businesses. Its experienced team of consultants, engineers and technicians provides all services necessary to deliver and maintain successful information systems.

EXEControl® Global Solutions works as a resource for forward thinking customers to achieve continuous improvements in business process efficiency.

Although EXEControl® Global Solutions works for clients in a wide range of businesses, the organization has special expertise in manufacturing, distribution, retail, rental, service and general accounting systems.

EXEControl® Global Solutions supplies turnkey, integrated information systems including the EXEControl software, computer hardware, operating system, relational database software, educational services, initial implementation assistance, continuing system support as well as ongoing software enhancements and upgrades.

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