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A developer of business management software.

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Exactsoft’s mission is to provide world-class software that meets customer requirements and provides a growth path to the future.

By deploying the best technology, services and development resources, Exactsoft offers business solutions that unlock valuable information and improve efficiency. Exactsoft focuses on building strong customer relationships across a wide range of complementary services. Through its project management expertise, in-depth product knowledge and technical skills, Exactsoft’s personnel closely collaborate with customers to successfully face their challenges.

A full range of services tailored to address individual customer requirements complement Exactsoft’s comprehensive suite of integrated software solutions. Although its simplicity ensures positive results and lucrative benefits, it is powerful enough to help companies realize their long-term vision, promote rapid return on investments (ROI) and offer low total cost of ownership, now and in the future.

Exactsoft’s solutions are presently installed in more than 250 sites and used by over 2000 end-users.

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