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Generating and filing sales tax returns is a formidable task by itself. Remembering to do it consistently and on-time compounds the difficulty. It is not just the technical, mechanical or physical aspects of filing, but rather the mental aspect – knowing which returns need to be filed, to which states, and when. In addition, the filing requirements can be different from one filing period to the next. There is nothing consistent about the process. Limited resources and fragmented responsibilities often leave no one individual truly accountable. Small errors, filing a day late, not having proof of filing or a simple calculation error resulting in a few pennies filing error, are all costly mistakes that could cost hundreds of dollars per occurrence.

EXACTOFILE automatically imports sales data into the appropriate sales tax returns and files these returns when due. The sales tax returns are stored and maintained on the Exactor servers for easy retrieval. Merchants can rest easy knowing that their sales tax obligations are being handled accurately and in a timely fashion by a single point of contact — EXACTOFILE.

The EXACTOFILE module manages the filing process in a fully automated and seamless manner. Exactor generates the tax returns on a periodic basis as required; makes the returns available for approval to assure that they reconcile with your accounts, and, once approved, files the returns on behalf of the merchant.

The EXACTOFILE module files the returns in ALL jurisdictions in the U.S., including state, county, city and local. The process is transparent to the merchant. When using the EXACTOFILE module, the merchant will not be required under any circumstance to file a sales tax return or cut and mail a check on their own to any sales tax collection agency – at the state, county, city or special district levels. EXACTOFILE manages the entire process.

As your single source for filing, Exactor will manage and respond to tax notices from state and local tax agencies. The EXACTOFILE module retains all relevant information that is required to address most tax notices, including copies of returns; proof of filing; proof of payment and all supporting data. Exactor’s responses to tax notices, the speed of response and detail information provided have proven time and time again to satisfy tax notices and requests.

Other Applications

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"Exact File" is part of the Exactor Suite line of products, developed by Exactor.