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Managing exemptions is often the most difficult part of the sales tax process. While not complicated, exemption management is time-consuming, and most often, conflicts with the sales person’s inherent interest to quickly close a sale and move to the next customer. The last thing that any sales person will do is to stop a sale in mid stride simply to get an exemption certificate. Where the certificate is not readily available, more often than not, they will make some notation, clear out the taxes and leave it to the tax department to later search for any missing certificate.

The EXACTOEXEMPT module is designed to automate the process of tracking & managing exemption certificates, and applying them to a sales transaction without impeding the flow of the transaction. The module enables collecting and uploading exemption information in real time, either before or after transaction initiation, and provides for cross-referencing of an exemption certificate to multiple transactions. The purchaser is no longer required to produce multiple certificates, but instead can upload one certificate and use it across multiple transactions.

The EXACTOEXEMPT module is seamlessly integrated at any point of the transaction cycle, as may be needed, including the point of sale, at the transaction, such as the online shopping cart, through the accounting programs’ invoice, or as part of the admin site.

The EXACTOEXEMPT module balances between the competing interests of the sale’s person’s desire to complete the sale and that of the tax department of making sure that all exemption information is readily available. The EXACTOEXEMPT module achieves this balance by its inherent flexibility of empowering merchants and buyers to upload exemption certificates at any point of time (in real time, or post transaction) or allowing the uploading of the minimal information necessary to complete the transaction, and supplement additional information at a later stage, so that the transaction flow is not slowed down unnecessarily.

The EXACTOEXEMPT module is designed for businesses of all sizes, who deal with exemption certificates as a matter of course, regardless whether they need to manage a handful or hundreds of thousands of certificates. Exactor’s upload system accommodates the automated uploading of thousands of exemption certificates at a time.

Digital storage and retrieval reduces storage costs and retrieval time. The EXACTOEXEMPT module also provides ease of access from any location that has Internet access and a web browser. No special software is required. Multi-location businesses can enable each store and office to upload certificates independently, and do not need to burden them with the sending of certificates to a centralized office. Conversely — individual stores and offices have immediate access to review customer exemptions and apply them to a purchase sale in real time.

The EXACTOEXEMPT module also monitors and provides automated notifications when information is missing or certificates are about to expire and a renewal is required.

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